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Google v. Meetup

By - May 16, 2007


A very clever morale booster and job baiting document from Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman.

At Google, you take the Google Bus with people as smart as you. Your fellow Googlers will probably be listening to Tech Talk Podcasts while coding.

At Meetup, you take the NYC subway to work. You’re part of the greatest melting pot on Earth. WARNING: Some of your fellow riders aren’t naturally excited about Google Apps.

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3 thoughts on “Google v. Meetup

  1. soxiam says:

    Another side benefit of working for meetup: you will be working for a CEO who once took on a job as a cashier at McDonald’s AFTER he’s been a CEO!

  2. Bradley Horowitz says:

    I love Scott, and the spirit of this quote… But coincidently, I’m in NYC and headed to Google’s 14th St. office for a party tonight… Those Googlers can also take the NYC subway, no? (BTW, Yahoo’s got great offices in Chelsea on 18th St.)

  3. nmw says:

    I’m lost — could someone tell me how to get to 2nd life?

    ;D nmw