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Net Neutral? Not Sure

By - March 13, 2007

It’s a fraught issue, but over at GigaOm there’s a primer on current Google positions worth reading….

Update: Google says “we’re not changing our view!”

A statement from Google sent to me (along with a Save the Internet post):

“Google’s position on net neutrality has not changed one bit. We strongly believe that Congress must take action to ensure a free and open Internet, in the face of a highly concentrated broadband market. Furthermore, Google’s position — which we testified to last year in Congress — is that broadband network operators should not be permitted to charge any content owner extra fees or extra tolls. We continue to support net neutrality legislation by Senators Dorgan and Snowe, and by Representative Markey, and we remain steadfast members of the coalition supporting net neutrality.”

And from Vint Cerf, who I pinged:

“We haven’t really changed. We think that consumers should know about any restrictions in their use of broadband services and that [broadband] providers should not discriminate among application service providers.”

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One thought on “Net Neutral? Not Sure

  1. Michael Martinez says:

    Since Google, Microsoft, and all those other bandwidth hogs want us to pay for their upgrades, I say we can do without Net Neutrality. Those companies can pay for their new infrastructure first and THEN pass on the costs to us.