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Worried About That Database o' Intentions?

By - February 06, 2007

Turn off your search history, with some help from an ex-Googler. (via BB)

I don’t like Google aggregating this data about me. It is possible to opt out. You can turn off search history recording in the settings page. You can also edit your history, including removing it entirely.

It’s still unclear to me exactly when Google started recording these histories under account names. Six tech savvy friends I asked all found they had some sort of history on Google going back as far as eighteen months. Only half of them remember having turned on some personalization feature that would have resulted in that history being collected. A seventh friend who is scrupulous about cookies and logins had no history. He regrets that his privacy concerns keep him from using Google Reader.

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3 thoughts on “Worried About That Database o' Intentions?

  1. Joe Duck says:

    Hold on! All you turn off here is the history linked to your account name. Google still retains the history linked to IP which is easily resolvable to a person.

    Although I have basic trust that Google, Yahoo, MSN, US Govt won’t abuse that information there are no guarantees it won’t get abused in the future, and it’s alarming how few people understand that this information is now stored and that you can’t have it deleted, see it, or even get information about what they do with it.

    Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK say:

    All your query bases belong to us!

  2. Trogdor says:

    Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK say:
    All your query bases are belong to us!

    Man, I about spit out my coffee at that. SEO hilarity. Thanks!

  3. BB says:

    I already know “they” have my search history linked to my IP and etc – I don’t care! But how can I retrieve it?