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What, Numbers from Google?

By - February 28, 2007

Gadget Info

Yes, indeed. Google’s code blog has hard numbers on the number of calls to Google’s Gadgets. It’s clear Google is looking to promote these tools, as allowing numbers like these to get out is not common. In fact, I’d say it’s a totally unnatural act for Google. The numbers are not aggregated in one place, but Radar has done some of it for us. From that post:

* Google Map – 4,861,113

* PacMan v2.0 – 8,114,344

* DIGG – 3,228,599

* My IP – 1,063,244

* Wikipedia – 27,314,972

* Countdown – 2,076,028

* Online Second Life Friends – 1,396

* Free Sudoku Puzzles – 4,450,349

* Memory Game – 647,151

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