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Search Over TV Ads, The Brand Beacon

By - February 06, 2007

Lost Remote makes a very important point: Showing up first in search is more powerful than promoting your brand on TV. But how to make this happen? It’s not just buying keywords. It’s having a conversation up, online, that is honest and has integrity and is about your brand. That conversation becomes a brand beacon, and you can’t just buy that, you have to make it, engage in it, build it, cultivate it. How to do that? Ah, there’s the rub. I’ll be talking more about this in part three of my Conversational Media series, which is way overdue. From the LR post:

Last week, as most of you know, Steve Safran broke a national story here on Lost Remote. He appeared on ABC and MSNBC, as well as Boston TV and radio, with plenty of Lost Remote mentions. While our traffic nearly doubled for the day, it more than tripled the next day. Why, according to our logs? Search engines pointed thousands of users to Lost Remote for both the Aqua Teen Hunger Force story and the bad hair bride video. Which is a powerful lesson for TV folks: showing up near the top in Google for popular search terms trumps nationwide promotion on TV (well, unless you have a spot in the Super Bowl). So how’s your search engine optimization going?

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2 thoughts on “Search Over TV Ads, The Brand Beacon

  1. Roman Rojas says:

    I am a music producer in Hispanic advertising in nyc. This is the kind of amunition I need to get the creatives in agencies to understand that they have to start marketing their brands through other mediums. Hispanic advertising is still way too traditional and backwards for my own taste, they really too much on tv and radio. I love your blog, keep it up!

  2. nmw says:

    1. the lost remote article appears to have a faulty link, so I couldn’t check the source.

    2. *Which* search terms? That’s the important question. Obviously, if you’re looking for a, you’re not gonna type in “super bowl” (or something like that). In contrast, being the top result for a search on the brand name *should be* a piece of cake (and if that doesn’t, probably nothing will) — but getting someone to type in a brand name (as a “search term”) will probably continue to be an expensive proposition (regardless of whether via PPC or the

    I think targeted bombing is still the methodology for ranking on one-size-fits-all engines (unless someone considers that to be evil) — right?