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A Profile of Sergey

By - February 15, 2007

From Moment. Well done.

What’s interesting is that Sergey let the author talk to his parents, even visit his home. That was off limits a few years ago.

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4 thoughts on “A Profile of Sergey

  1. gio says:

    that’s a great article! I was just wondering who really started the idea of google, is it Sergey Brin or Larry Page.

  2. Luck and persistance is what seperated SERGEY and LARRY form others equally intelligent

    Several others also formed the theory about using
    backlinks as a ranking measurment – but no one persevered long enough.

    Ironically, one of the originators of the theory of using Backlinks in SERPs created his own search engine – but ended up working at Google

  3. Brokerblogger says:

    Here’s what I think. Sergey and his family have been blessed, but not so much with the money. Sergey still has his independent thinking and frugalness to a good degree. However, please pass on this definition of “evil” to Sergey, as I believe it can be applied to all of us no matter what our background or present condition. The article talks of “compromises” beginning to happen vs the more principled way. This and a need for me to try to “pay it forward” with the awareness that this definition/observation about “evil” has brought me leeds me to humbly offer it.

    “Evil is charming and beautiful. It makes you doubt yourself. It asks for one small compromise after another until it whittles you down, and, it functions best when no one believes in it.”

    — Joan of Arcadia

    Mazel Tov

  4. John, I didn’t mean to post the above 3 times. Just so you know, I got an error message when I hit “Post”, so I kept trying with different “Human detector” letters.

    Here is the error message = “Can’t fork at lib/MT/ line 139.”