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Year End Zeitgeist Up

By - December 19, 2006

A for effort in terms of giving us a bit more to grok….

I must say, the amount of info Google knows, versus what it gives back to us, is just silly. Look at this chart of “Dancing With the Stars vs. American Idol vs.Project Runway”


All relative values, no real data. But what do they really know about this, and, oh, every other entry in the Database of Intentions? A shitload, for sure. This Zietgiest is the best ever for giving us more to check out, but it shows just how little the rest of us know about what, for Google, is knowable.

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4 thoughts on “Year End Zeitgeist Up

  1. Peter Caputa says:

    I assume you’ve checked out google trends? Here’s the graph you cited.

    At the bottom of google trends ERPs, it says:

    “Google Trends aims to provide insights into broad search patterns. As a Google Labs product, it is still in the early stages of development. Also, it is based upon just a portion of our searches, and several approximations are used when computing your results. Please keep this in mind when using it.”

    I wonder why they don’t start using the “whole database of intentions”? And start to share relevant numbers. I don’t think you could come up with better a market research tool. What if they integrated it with adwords so that ad campaigns could be tied to seasonal searches?

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