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6 thoughts on “Now We Have a Real Contest on Our Hands!

  1. Matt Cutts says:

    John, I could talk about how Panama will be familiar to AdWords users (“campaigns” and “ad groups” and similar stuff). Instead, I’d rather just apologize for copying that page and move on. People expect Google to do better than that, I agree that we should.

  2. Peter Davis says:

    Well, Matt, but you didn’t “just” apologize, did ya?

  3. The keyword in Jeremy’s post is “blatantly”.

  4. Classy comments by Matt. That said, John is right. Google has built a $147B rocket by copying (and enhancing) the Overture business. Y! can only hope they see a small percentage of that success by embracing some of Google’s features.

  5. Joe Hunkins says:

    Clearly there is only ONE way to settle this rationally. A bare-knuckle fistfight between Matt and Jeremy at the next Las Vegas WMW Pubcon. Place your bets now to avoid the rush.

  6. Google are that big they can basically do what they want and they will probably get away with it.