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  • preston

    I am going to go with stupid… I’ll be interested to see if google is willing to comment on this publicly.

  • Kamal Jain

    I wonder if it is even legal to copy somebody’s creativity?

  • Jeremy Zawodny

    Hey, look at that. Their IE7 page has been suddenly redesigned!

  • ~ SearcH EngineS WeB ~

    Just imagine how many Search Engines have STOLEN Google’s SERPs design, and it is not hard to see why Google would give everyone a taste of their own medicine.

    It is not a matter of being lazy or stupid – it is just playing the game by the rules of the players.


    Oh, SearchEnginesWeb …

  • Guillaumeb

    Well, i’d go with stupid as Matt Cutts’answer on the subject was not any smarter…

  • Dirk Karl Maßat

    Wow. Very impressive.

    Supreme concept of a personalized web portal.

    I look forward to using this as my browsers’ start page.

    Keep up the good work!

  • René Osterloh

    Interesting side and good comments

  • René Osterloh

    Interesting side and good comments