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The Searchblog Human Detector

By - November 02, 2006

Due to the spam issues I reported on earlier, we’ve added a “human detector” to comments. This is a test, please do let me know what you think. I hope it won’t mean fewer comments…but I do hope it will mean fewer shiny trans gender fetish spams….

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14 thoughts on “The Searchblog Human Detector

  1. This is a very logical & pratical defence — and certainly does not inconvenience the repliers in any significant way….

    That’s not to say that Search Engines WEB is in fact human — – but a reliable and relevant commenter, nonetheless.

  2. SorenG says:

    Just trying this out, seeing if I pass as a human.

  3. Michael says:

    OK – I’m in. I’m so sick of comment and trackback spam, I’ve tightened up the spam threshold to where I get nothing legitimate anymore . . .

  4. Michael Hampton says:

    Comments seem to work, but the trackback I sent you earlier today is completely missing, even though my blog confirms you received it. 🙁

  5. Scot Hacker says:

    Looking into the Trackback issue now. For anyone interested, this is the TinyTuring plugin for Movable Type by Kevin Shay.

  6. I like human detectors like this that are simple. Those CAPTCHAs are often very difficult to read. This is an excellent solution.

  7. Dave Taylor says:

    I completely support this change, John, and find that this sort of thing is darn easy compared to some of the more byzantine solutions out there (like “register for our site before you can leave a comment”). Mine’s a bit tougher, actually, I actually ask people to add two two-digit numbers and produce the result. I figure it also serves as an intelligence test! 🙂

  8. Scot Hacker says:

    Michael – Did you by chance send the TrackBack from a WordPress blog? Just did some testing and reading, and it looks like MT does not pick up pings sent from WP blogs for some reason. This is unrelated to TinyTuring.

  9. wilbur says:

    shiny plastic bondage spam!

    I’m just seeing if i pass as a non-human


  10. Fish says:

    Just testing. Read Scot’s posting about this problem. He rules.

  11. Li Evans says:

    and here we all thought you secretly liked that type of “gear” 😉

    hope the spam catcher is working!

    love what you’re writing about too 🙂

  12. Just testing if your human detector let me go in !!

  13. Garbage says:

    This human detector is useless. If I write my real name and site it does not allow me to post comment, but if I write something rubbish it allows me. strange !

  14. Well, the human detector always comes with an error – ‘Comments not received’. Now let me see if it works this time if I sign in through typepad.