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Exsqueeze Me While I Crow…

By - November 29, 2006

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Yahoo has had some hard knocks lately, but when Google Answers went down, Yahoo’s PR dept. couldn’t help themselves. And you know what, sure, what the hell, they have a fine story here, so to quote from the email:

I’m sure you’ve heard that Google Answers is closing down. Wanted to make sure you had the latest Yahoo! Answers stats:

– Worldwide numbers for Yahoo! Answers and Knowledge Search (18 countries and 8 languages): Yahoo! Answers has 60 million unique users worldwide and 160 million answers.

– US/English-speaking countries numbers for Yahoo! Answers: Yahoo! Answers has 14.4 million unique users (comScore October) and 60 million answers.

I await the posthumous email from Jeeves, and the angle Microsoft might take. ….

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5 thoughts on “Exsqueeze Me While I Crow…


    Taking a look at the major properties of Yahoo, Google, and MSN – With the Exception of SEARCH – Yahoo and MSN are quite competative and in some cases, even surpassing Google.

    So, in this time of intense competition, it is understandable why Yahoo would want to publicize their successes, especially since falling from undisputable first place a few years ago in the Search Engine wars.

  2. Yahoo 27, Google 485 but who is counting anyway?

    Ha – Posthumous Jeeves! I say Diller should rename him Lazarus and lay claim to a new, resurrected search sponsored by God.

  3. Dave White says:

    Finally Yahoo has something to beat google. Yes they will have to keep things up and running to win the battle. Yahoo Answers is far better than Google Answers.

  4. Funny says:

    This will certainly help Yahoo improve their financial and technology positions… 🙂 What a joke…

  5. We’re conducting focus groups right now and one of the participants said she’d heard of a good search engine called “Ask Jeeves” but it was quicker to type or, she didn’t want to type Guess she missed their multimillion dollar ad campaign.