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Two Kings: YouTube's Chad and Steve Talk On YouTube

By - October 10, 2006

Giddy? Yes. But the YouTube community seem to like it (its been viewed nearly a million times and has high ratings…). I mean, here is a historical document of what it looks like to realize you are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and …. it’s real. Yes, guys, you are now officially fuck you rich….is that a TGIF you’re standing outside of?!

(Thanks Adam!)

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3 thoughts on “Two Kings: YouTube's Chad and Steve Talk On YouTube

  1. I watched the video from Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. They surely look giddy as a couple of schoolgirls over their newfound wealth !

  2. Well, despite the “two kings” bullshit I think they had a very good idea to post a video ON YouTube about the Google deal. It goes along the community idea that they defend.

  3. Guys, the “two kings” reference has to do with two recent high-profile YouTube videos – one by P Diddy, which was then lampooned to hilarious effect by Lisa Nova. Click my name for an explanation.

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