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Random Idea/Question: Flickr News?

By - September 04, 2006

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I am new to Flickr, and have not used it enough to avoid asking stupid questions. But Jeremy’s recent post about Burning Man made me wonder. Is there a place where the news is organized via flickr? I’d love to see a site that takes top headlines and showcases them via Flickr.

Now, I’m not talking about Top CNN headlines, but rather, top news events that might be big on a site like Flickr. Like Burning Man, or MacWorld, or Web 2.0, or Katrina (that was huge as I recall). I’d love a Flickr front page of news related shots, edited by someone who had a news editor’s sensibility. Does it exist and I’m just a moron? Man, I’d love to check that page everyday.

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5 thoughts on “Random Idea/Question: Flickr News?

  1. Noah Tutak says:

    I understand that Yahoo! has been testing integration of flickr photos in their news sites. I believe they included flickr photos in some recent news oriented sites they created but I can’t recall the specific event. I think this is a great idea, but it seems you would need some sort of editor still to choose and organize the photos. It would still be too easy to game tags to get an irrelevant photo on the page, wouldn’t it?

  2. Alberto says:

    Not using Flickr images but relevant to your concept/idea:


  3. Rick says:

    I like the idea as well.

    There used to be a site called Flickrlicious. It was exactly what you’re saying, but it featured pics of women.

    It got shutdown by Flickr.

    Although Flickr allows people to put photos and flickr feeds on third party sites, there’s a commercial restriction.

    However, it would be easy to setup such a site. An editor could “favorite” or add a flickr photo to a group, then pull a feed onto a third-party site.

    Someone could make a decent amount of money organizing travel photos this way.

  4. Ted says:

    This is a good idea. A9 is already most of the way there in including Flickr as one of its tick-box options for search. However, the results it brings up aren’t especially sophisticated. All it really needs is for the existing Flickr “sort by most interesting” option to be built-in, and this has the effect of the cream rising to the top. Whereas at the moment you’d need to follow the link through to Flickr and do this yourself.

  5. dave says: Should have everything you were looking for.