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The Fat Belly

By - September 04, 2006

Fat Belly

Over on Om’s site, contributor Robert Young mulls the Fat Belly. I like the idea, it sums up nicely the space I think where businesses like FM live. I call it “mid tail” when pressed, but hey, Fat Belly is catchy. I’m going to guess this is a top Digg today….

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Random Idea/Question: Flickr News?

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I am new to Flickr, and have not used it enough to avoid asking stupid questions. But Jeremy’s recent post about Burning Man made me wonder. Is there a place where the news is organized via flickr? I’d love to see a site that takes top headlines and showcases them via Flickr.

Now, I’m not talking about Top CNN headlines, but rather, top news events that might be big on a site like Flickr. Like Burning Man, or MacWorld, or Web 2.0, or Katrina (that was huge as I recall). I’d love a Flickr front page of news related shots, edited by someone who had a news editor’s sensibility. Does it exist and I’m just a moron? Man, I’d love to check that page everyday.

Reader Narendra Writes….

By - September 03, 2006

< ![CDATA[Reader Narendra writes: Google has not yet been able to index the 420 million photos that live on Webshots and have a wealth of metadata associated with them. They need to focus on improving their crawling ability and be able to play with large existing systems like Webshots and Flickr to improve relevance instead of forays into odd and ambiguous user annotation]]> Read More Read More

Google Image Disambiguator

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Why does Google hate the word tag?

Google Image Labeler is a good idea but a terrible name – it sounds like a product Dymo might have created. Google has licensed “The ESP Game“, invented by Luis von Ahn, and is harnessing collective intelligence to tag images in its image database. This is just an experiment, of course. But it’s a clever one – -if a critical mass of images are tagged, Google will have solved a very intractable problem for itself.

I just wish Google would use the terminology the rest of the web has already settled upon. It’s not a label. It’s a tag. “Tag” means something – an intentional attribute given to an object on the web. That’s what we are doing here. How about we help Google come up with a new name?

If tag is off limits because of competitive issues (after all, Yahoo owns Flickr), I vote – with only a slight portion of my tongue in cheek – for “Google Image Disambiguator.”

Or maybe, Google Metadata Maximizer.

Or…what do you guys think?

(Also, you can earn points for tagging on GID. But what can you do with the points?!)

Google Personalized Search: Who Owns the Profiles?

By - September 01, 2006

Continuing on my theme of worrying about the Database of Intentions and its use as a potential privacy trap, Greg Linden reports on insights gleaned from reading a Google paper on Bigtable, a distributed storage system.

One tidbit I found curious in the Google Bigtable paper was this hint about the internals of Google Personalized Search:

Personalized Search generates user profiles using a MapReduce over Bigtable. These user profiles are used to personalize live search results.

This appears to confirm that Google Personalized Search works by building high-level profiles of user interests from their past behavior.

Greg goes on to say that he worries this approach will not work so well for the task at hand, and I agree with him, but that’s not my topic for this post. What I want to point out is simply this: what rights do you, I, or anyone else have to edit, delete, or own these profiles?

Anyone from Google care to answer that one?

TrackMeNot – I wonder…

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This nifty little tool “periodically issues randomized search-queries to popular search engines, e.g., AOL, Yahoo!, Google, and MSN.” (via Infoworld)

Now, who will be first to make this illegal or against TOS? The search companies, or the government?!