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NYT Integrates Content

By - September 21, 2006

Picture 3-10A portion of inline links will now serve’s reference content. With a single Alt-key selection, Answers will allow online NYT readers to stay on page while accessing a pop-up of contextual material on key terms, selected by NYT editors. Answers will also now feed a reference search box on the NYT homepage. The goal of the integration is to help online Times readers “understand current events in historical perspective.”

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3 thoughts on “NYT Integrates Content

  1. SorenG says:

    Seems to be an interesting move, and a great score for Question is, how much will people use it? Do most online users really want to “understand current events in historical perspective.” Maybe the NYT readers do, but doubt it would work for other news sites.

  2. Kathy says:

    This is very slick tool and very much in-line with the great ideas and programming that the Answers team is capable of.

    Having said that, the tool is sometimes dumb as it does not “see” phrases. It only works on full article pages. And, there is no reference to the new feature/capability within the UI.

    I am therefore dubious of how many people will actually “Alt-Click” to see an Answers daughter window results. So, cool idea, but will it garner anything more than publicity?

  3. Manuel says:

    Whether an interesting movement becomes still turns out! That will me also intresieren how many people or on-line users to use the Tool?