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4 thoughts on “BizWeek Covers Digg (Literally)

  1. John says:

    When I saw this cover, I asked myself – “Is this a sure sign of Bubble 2.0 about to burst?” Reminds me of the tons of Fortune, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Time, Newsweek, etc. articles on the Internet, dot com millionaires, etc…

    Let’s hope we’re not coming to Burst 2.0…

  2. Jonathan says:

    That’s pretty sweet. Digg gets plenty of traffic already, but I’m sure it’s just being boosted even higher now. Digg is slowly becoming the /. affect

  3. azeem says:

    Looks like Digg has overtaken in reach Looks like Digg has overtaken in reach … data here

  4. M G says:

    looks like Digg is becoming a big dog on the block.
    Run Digg Run