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Google In The Culture, Yet Another Example

By - July 25, 2006


Though I’m not sure Google will use this one for external PR, it’s pretty funny, and includes a tour of many Google features (Calendar, Base, Maps, Alerts etc) in the pursuit of one goal:

This article is about using the many Google sites and applications to get yourself a girl and get yourself laid. In it we’re going to use a guy called Johnny McCool. Johnny is a 22 year old Internet nerd. He works as a programmer with some megacorp, went straight from the computer labs in college to the cubicle farm. He needs to get out more and he needs a girlfriend.

(Thanks to Cory J.)

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8 thoughts on “Google In The Culture, Yet Another Example

  1. Richard Barber says:

    Great article, it is a reasonable template for Natural Search Optimisation for any company that is just starting out. Sure the social networks will have to be changed to industry bodies, but the principles are the same.

    I think that girls/women applying this methodology would benefit more from this article than boys/men as we “men” are geekier than girls IMHO…

  2. Wow. I had never expected it my bit og humour to get so much traffic. It looks like the post has gotten 45,000 visits in the past 48 hours which is more than humbling. And when someone you subscribe to then links to your site you feel humbled even more. Thanks for the link John!

  3. yarışma says: