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Famous Corporate Logos, Web 2.0 Style

By - July 25, 2006

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David P of BB pointed me to this hilarious site where folks are busy “Web 2’ing” well known corporate logos. Very funny. There are literally hundreds of them, most are really well done. A total send up of the design grammar that has come to say “hip, cutting edge web company.”

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4 thoughts on “Famous Corporate Logos, Web 2.0 Style

  1. DavidMG says:

    Great site! Cool struff Thanks

  2. Fun stuff. Love the NBC logo.

  3. Fact is stranger than fiction. Look at, the Catalan savings bank, which has one of the bext logos ever (designed by Joan Miro, no less) and click on LKXA (La Caixa in text language I guess) at the top to see its new embodiment for the youth market.

  4. Tim Estes says:

    My favorite has to be the AT&T logo. Snarky.