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Cutts' instruction video

By - July 31, 2006

Picture 3-7SEO guru Googler, Matt Cutts posts a few short vlogs on best and worst SEO practices, on Google Video of course. (Hmm, any YouTube users thinking the same thing?) In a few short segments Cutts answers some questions sent in by hats of all colors, discussing what really matters to a crawler and how to optimize, dispels some SEO myths, and champions user experience.

Is this the new Cutts vlog? Perhaps not, his ever SE-orientated audience quips it’s not crawlable, “It’s also bad for your SEO, Matt!”

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6 thoughts on “Cutts' instruction video

  1. almost all eye-tracker studies have shown a left-side bias. furthermore, conspicuous images or graphics attracts the eyes to avert from the text to that particular image.

  2. Thanx for the tip. Those are really nice videos!

  3. Ted says:

    These are great videos. I learn a few important tips.

  4. A bit late, but tnx for the info!

  5. Those sure are some nice videos!

  6. it is liitle bit late but still nice idea