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Cutts' instruction video

By - July 31, 2006

Picture 3-7SEO guru Googler, Matt Cutts posts a few short vlogs on best and worst SEO practices, on Google Video of course. (Hmm, any YouTube users thinking the same thing?) In a few short segments Cutts answers some questions sent in by hats of all colors, discussing what really matters to a crawler and how to optimize, dispels some SEO myths, and champions user experience.

Is this the new Cutts vlog? Perhaps not, his ever SE-orientated audience quips it’s not crawlable, “It’s also bad for your SEO, Matt!”

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  • isulong seoph

    almost all eye-tracker studies have shown a left-side bias. furthermore, conspicuous images or graphics attracts the eyes to avert from the text to that particular image.

  • Marcel Wagemeesters

    Thanx for the tip. Those are really nice videos!

  • Ted

    These are great videos. I learn a few important tips.

  • Chris | Zeo Zoekmachine Marketing

    A bit late, but tnx for the info!

  • Jeroen de Koning

    Those sure are some nice videos!

  • Güzel Resimler

    it is liitle bit late but still nice idea