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Qwest: Capitalizing on NSA Backlash

By - May 16, 2006

This news, from TechDirt, reminds me of the positive brand burnish Google got by standing up to the DOJ. Well done, Qwest.

One of the interesting items to emerge from the growing NSA data-monitoring scandal is that the telecoms weren’t compelled to go along with the government and that one company, Qwest, refused to participate. Now the company, which had been a laggard and on the receiving end of many customer complaints, is experiencing a surge in customer appreciation from those opposed to the NSA program.

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2 thoughts on “Qwest: Capitalizing on NSA Backlash

  1. warren says:

    Maybe you owe a “well done” to the rest of the companies. It’s a bogus story.

  2. Aaron says:

    The brass at Qwest has almost totally changed hands since then though. Nacchio was a bit of a maverick, which got him in trouble. He’s got the positive spin going on this one though. I’m sure he’s hoping it will help in his upcoming trial for insider trading and orchestrating massive financial fraud at Qwest.