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It's My LAST Public Book Gig: Pasadena, CA Tonight

By - May 05, 2006

VromansYou never thought you’d hear it, eh? But this is a special one. Nine months after my first book tour appearance, (at the Bunch of Grapes on Martha’s Vineyard, where I have family), I’m doing my last signing, at Vroman’s bookstore in Pasadena (where I grew up).

Vroman’s holds a very special place in my heart – it’s my childhood bookstore. It’s still my ideal model for “a place you can buy books.” It’s the largest independent bookstore in Southern California, and a wonderful place to just hang out. The store’s Chairman, Andy Vollero, is a family friend (and was my little league coach, but now you know more than you wanted to…).

Tonight at 7 pm, I’ll be talking about The Search, seeing old friends, and generally enjoying myself. I hope anyone down in the Pasadena area can join in!

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  • Andrew Lin

    John, it’s so funny that you mention Vroman’s. I have fond memories of my father taking me to Vroman’s on the weekends as a special treat. There is something special about that place: the environment, the people, the selection. I now live in NYC and would have forgotten about Good Ol’ Vroman’s if not for your mention. Best of luck at the signing, thanks for the memories.

  • Steve Rhodes

    Congratulations (though I guess it starts all over again in September).