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MSFT Office Dead

By - February 17, 2006

I don’t get it. Why not do what we thought they’d do? I wasn’t really paying attention, and you probably all know this, but turns out MSFT Office Live is, well, NOT Microsoft Office Live (tcrunch). It’s just hosting and email services by another name. What the f?

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4 thoughts on “MSFT Office Dead

  1. Sam Sethi says:

    Sorry but why the f— would MSFT kill of one of their key platforms? As a business person you should know that there is plenty of life left in this product, its still a cash cow. Some of the enhancements to Office12 ensure that it is much more a Webtop Application using the web for collaboration and syndication.

    Like it or not people(mass market)still boot up a PC to create emails, documents and browse the net. Clearly the line between a PC and the web is becoming blurred as broadband costs reduce and wifi access becomes ubiqitous and faster. But I for one still do not believe I have reliable (QoS) always-on, readily available (8mb+) everywhere (mobile), cheap internet access.

    As an experiment last year I tried to see how long I could work effectively without using Microsoft Office/IE. I used FFox and other online services very happily. I was able to do so for quite some time but I missed the level of simplicity and integration provided by Office. It was not easy to move data between other independent applications. And that is the point. Microsoft Office is simplifies and integrates what we can do elsewhere, its why it beat the combination of Lotus 123, WordPerfect and Dbase.

    As for Office Live. Microsoft never said it was a replacement to desktop Office. Office Live is simply an extension for SMB’s to Office for collaboration and web services. Overtime maybe more and more fo the desktop functionality will migrate to the web but don’t expect Microsoft to do that anytime soon.

    Personal Creation and Consumption.

  2. Maybe so, Sam, but as a marketer I have to say how absolutely silly, then, to use the same name. When The People hear “Microsoft Office Live” well, what would you expect people would expect?

    I’m with you, John. What the F***, indeed.

    — Stuart

  3. Hilli says:

    Ditto Windows Live – it is nothing but a lousy copy of Netvibes. But hey, this is MSFT. They figure that Web 2.0 might one day become a problem for them, so they put a couple of hundred people and 50mn USD into developing … something. People might even use it if they put links to on the Windows desktop. Deja vu all over again…..

  4. Mark says:

    I´m with you with big names you can get trouble cause you searching for something special here in Microsoft Office and nothing. What the hell and which f***.