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Free The Internet Through Regulation

By - February 17, 2006

That’s the general idea of the proposed “Global Online Freedom Act of 2006”, the details of which you can find in this article and here (sponsoring congressman’s website).

Besides blacklisting Iran, China, and Vietnam (hey, that war really worked out, didn’t it?!), the legislation would declare:

– U.S. firms which create, provide or host Internet search engines would be forbidden to locate their search engines within designated Internet-restricting countries.

– U.S. firms would be forbidden to alter the search engines in response to requests from Internet-restricting countries or make changes that produced search engine results within restricting countries that differ from results elsewhere.

– U.S. search engine providers must transparently share with the U.S. Office of Global Internet freedom details of terms or parameters submitted by Internet-restricting countries.

– U.S. businesses maintaining Internet content hosting services can personally identify users only for cases of legitimate law enforcement purposes as determined by the U.S. Department of Justice.

OK, so where the hell is *our* right to know? Will all this information, all this back and forth, will it be public?

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