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Streamlined Site

By - January 12, 2006

This morning you may notice some subtle changes to Searchblog. We’re working to fix some design inconsistencies, clean up the back end code, and streamline the search and archives function. Please give me feedback! Thanks.

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3 thoughts on “Streamlined Site

  1. The site is looking great. It’s like you stuck a drop shadow around the entire old look. So, I guess you could say it’s different, but it’s just a better version of the same old site. I like it.

  2. Microsoft Sans Serif is possibly one of the most Beautiful of the san serif fonts ever – it might be a consideration as a default Font

    Text colors could also a consideration
    – Continuous Black Text could be spiced up with an occassional color or two – perhaps very dark Blue or very dark green –

    Also, perhaps readers could start topics in a serparate area as guests moderators

  3. I like the changes, with the exception that the drop shadows appear both left and right. If you also had one on top (I see the one at the end of your pages) I would find it more balancing – but without one on top it seems odd that the shadows would fall on two sides at once. It makes me look and question this element, so I mention it as something that I consider a minor distraction.