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Quick Survey

By - January 16, 2006

Hey Searchbloggers – One of Searchblog’s ad clients was wondering if they could engage you in a short survey. If you’re game, please answer these 6 simple questions, it’ll help tune the ads on the site. (For the survey to be useful, I can’t say who the advertiser is!)

I promise not to do this very often, and appreciate your help. Thanks.

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8 thoughts on “Quick Survey

  1. xman says:

    And the survey does not work in Firefox…..

  2. Mark Johnson says:

    Worked fine for me in FireFox. I’m curious: did they pay you for this survey or did you do it because of their advertising spend? I think it’s interesting to give “perks” to your top advertisers, especially when you have assets you can leverage, like your immense traffic. Sure beats a fruit basket at the end of the year =)

  3. B says:

    I couldn’t see the “image” but I imagine quite easily what is was… Dinosaurs anyone?

    Yup, and the survey is USA-centric (Post code without a country)

  4. SorenG says:

    Happy to do this every now and then, John, like once every few months or so. I did count more than 6 questions, though. It is more like 8 or 9.

  5. They didn’t pay me, it was something I did because they asked, and I believe that marketers, which make this site possible, should be part of the conversation, if they are polite! And these guys were very nice.

  6. Hashim says:

    how come I kinda enjoyed doing this survey?

  7. I wanted to help but…

    “Thank you for your interest.
    Unfortunately, you do not qualify to take this particular survey today.”

  8. SorenG says:

    A couple thoughts . . , one is to give people choices, so maybe offer people access to the site for a charge with no ads. For $50 a year you get info with no ads. If you do not pay, then you see ads. The other is that the advertisers want what from us? Our attention it seems. And we want free information. Besides the ads that run to the side of the pages, are there other ways for users to give advertisers the attention they want, while users get free content?

    Maybe another choice would be to be able to see the site with no ads, but you take 30 minutes a month filling out certain information and interacting with businesses that have products to sell. Not dure, just trying to explore some other ways of making this game work besides the traditional one.