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Mazda Says: Thanks for the Idea

By - January 28, 2006


Remember how Pontiac was pushing its line of cars by asking you to “Google Pontiac”? (See here for the background). In my post, I wrote: Now, when I Google Pontiac, I see two sponsored links up top, both from Pontiac (if I were, say, Toyota, I might just think about bidding that keyword….but I digress).

Well, Toyota didn’t take the bait, but Mazda sure did.

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7 thoughts on “Mazda Says: Thanks for the Idea

  1. roy says:

    are you taking credit? mazda bought that before you mentioned it.

  2. Oops. You’re right. My bad.

  3. Joe Hunkins says:

    It’s OK John, we all know YOU were the one who really did invent the internet.

  4. Joe says:

    Jon, didn’t you read my response after your original post on the 26th?

  5. scalpmed says:

    You’ve hit upon the very reason for the google “sandbox”. If you want to get to the top of a competitive keyword and you have a new site you can’t!

    So when a new keyword pops up in existence (a new brand name of a product) no one can get any real advertising for free. The only way to get to the top is pay for sponsored listing which can cost big bucks!!

    Suppose you started mass marketing on TV your own brand of widget. Let’s call the widget “office unloader”. Then you make a coporate website called and try listing it with google. Well it won’t get anywhere near the top even though it is the only site that sells the “office unloader” product. If you want to get to the top you will have to pay for it. That’s the reason behind the google sandbox.

    Personally I hope google goes bankrupt.

  6. Ryan Lash - Search Engine Marketing Consultant says:

    Hey John,

    I have a follow up to this story if you are interested, please let me know and I will send you a link.



  7. Gregory says:

    Please note that this was an Infuse Creative search engine marketing campaign.