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Google Braille

By - January 04, 2006

BrailleLongtime readers will note I do not post on the Google doodles, which honestly, I don’t much like (hey, I know folks love em, but I’m allowed to dissent). But I love this one. Today is the birthday of Louis Braille.

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6 thoughts on “Google Braille

  1. It is a nice gesture from Google to remember such a man who provided such a great service to humanity.

  2. my grandma is blind, but google have forgetten a blind-tick or sound, if a blind person move the mouse over the sign 😉 this are the better idea, but the idea and gestrure is cool for google 🙂 if you look to yahoo or alexa … it is the same look and feel like very day.

  3. Josh says:

    Not talked about is the fact that this morning Google had the wrong logo up for a while. On Google Personalized this morning Google was showing the Google 7th birthday logo. A rare slip-up for big G.

  4. steven says:

    Clicking on the logo takes you to a results page about Louis Braille. Earlier today there was a paid listing for a people finder site with the copy ‘where have you gone Louis Braille’ – looks like they have taken it down.

    I guess the editors can’t catch everything – but they sure try with my campaigns.

  5. Joe Hunkins says:

    Used to think they were wasting a bit of download speed for users to change them so often, but I now find them somewhat…comforting….

  6. NT says:

    It’s me again..

    This link proved what I said earlier was correct!

    How can they (Google+Wikipedia & others) stop this from happening in the future as this seems to be a common problem..?? Any thoughts..??