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6 thoughts on “ACLU: Great Movie. Bad Splash

  1. Dorrian says:

    Fascinating. Thanks for posting.

  2. T Campbell says:

    This animation was making the rounds for a while and I suspect the ACLU just picked up on it and bought the rights.

  3. Teddie says:

    Isn’t it more just database, rather than database of intentions?

    If you’ve ever downloaded and taken a look at MEMEX you’ll know that just about everything in that demo is already available:
    Their older demos from a few years ago used to be much more revealing, showing links into cash points and all kinds of other data records.

    Now if she’d said, “Hello Mr Kelly I was expecting you’re call, you’re pizza is already baking. I can tell you’re feeling environmentally concerned today, so I guessed you’d want an upgrade to our organic, free range meat toppings, and yes our boxes are reclyclable, and by the way we are not a good pizza parlour located in Palo Alto we’re a geat one.”

    That would be database of intentions.

  4. Micah Laaker says:

    Hey there, John… thanks for sharing this with all your readers. Just wanted to note that the link to use is actually: “”. The movie is embedded in this page, which provides the action links and more. As to the links now being broken, I just pinged my contacts over at the ACLU… hopefully we can get this fixed ASAP. 🙂

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks.

  5. Andrien Zanier says:

    I have to agree with Teddie, but, Ted, my friend, this animation is made for the general, popular, generic, easily influenced public. Someone as smart as you and me, and also insiders of the real IT world, can see this animation more as entertainment. Cheers to ACLU!

  6. Tom says:

    it´s glaring what with mankind can be made on every place so welcome in a supervisional world.