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Search Engine for Sale, Starting Bid: One Cent

By - October 17, 2005

Jux2-TmSome while ago I wrote about jux2, a meta search engine which let you compare results across major engines. It was a neat idea, and the site got some good reviews. But as happens, jux2’s founders’ attention wandered to other projects, and they could no longer keep the service running. One of them, Aaref Hilaly, emailed me yesterday and informed me that he was still getting requests about the service, and he figured that someone might want to run it. Now, if he was really smart, he’d dress it up and try to sell it to Rupert Murdoch, but barring that, he’s offering to the highest bidder on eBay.

Current price: One cent.

“There is no reserve,” Aaref wrote me, “so someone can get a bargain. After all, given the times in which we live, shouldn’t everyone have their own search engine?”

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14 thoughts on “Search Engine for Sale, Starting Bid: One Cent

  1. Alex says:

    Hey! 1 cent! Cant beat that!

  2. Gsoft says:

    This one seems similar to …Not sure which is the original 🙂

  3. QuadsZilla says:

    While we’re on the whole “Auction-Ebay Search-Vibe”, how about bidding on a DMOZ editorship?

  4. Gsoft says:

    Another concern is what if the search engines stop giving access to jux2 in the feature – like that done by craiglist to oodle.

  5. Wow – it’s already at $2,750!

  6. Neil Patel says:

    This sale has really increased Jux2’s traffic. Their Alexa rating for the past 3 months is 427,350. This weeks Alexa rating for Jux2 is 25,844 and today’s (October 20th) rating is 7,968.

  7. Karl Withers says:

    There is now another meta engine for sale. Is this a new fad:

  8. 3kilo says:

    very promising idea!

    I hope I am able to run it in China to guide people’s online shopping.

  9. My search is for sale to.
    Just worn out on it.
    I have a list of minor enhancements that
    arn’t done. Just losing interest.

    I started building my search engine in 1999.

    It was as a plain text search.

    The flowchart to do the line wrap and hi-lights took
    3 days. But it worked right off.

    Step one complete. Search and display text results.

    Next I added the ability to search text and call up
    pictures. If a match was found and the next line had
    the path to a picture then I displayed that picture.

    We scanned in and catalogued 5000+ family pictures
    and had that as a test base.

    Changes were made so it could run as a screen saver.
    Then with a random option, because sequential becomes
    very very boring.

    Then came video. The ability to play slow motion and
    freeze frame were two main features. I’ve had a mini
    dvd camcorder for 4 years now. This program makes
    computers and video fun.

    This is desktop search.

    to make this app a net search wouldn’t be too tuff.

    instead of a picture it would be a url that would be loaded.

    To make this one scalable. Wouldn’t be that hard either.
    I currently run it as a background job. 10,000 copies searching
    various parts of the search material, should do the trick.

    All my notes emails and net clippings since 1999 amount to 75M
    At 20,000,000 cps it takes just over 3 seconds.

    I have looked at some of the others. The more I looked the more
    I loved my desktop search. The thing I like most is that all my searches
    can be done in full text mode. With search, it is always the context
    one is looking for. I know the name “joe smith” when I search. It is
    his phone# or a person I met through him that I am interested in.
    Context context context. The other searches give you jibberish from
    their indexes before you see the real data.

    again very interesting stuff desktop search. Probably the most
    useful program on any computer.

    This search is so fast it will make you laugh.

  10. ZZPrices says:

    Does anyone know how much jux2 went for?

    PS: It looks kind of similar but slower than uGuX MetaSearch.

  11. Aukcje says:

    Yes know how much jux2 went for?

    I have plan create similar site. Already I create clone eBay script.

  12. budowa domów says:

    very promising idea!

  13. Marcus says:

    I have been looking for search engines to buy and I have found a new great idea. What the creator has done is reinvented the pixel advertising grid with a search engine. In the package also comes the copyright of the idea meaning you are the only person which will have the kind of website. I would buy if I could. Look cool. The URL is