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Ning Is Live

By - October 04, 2005

This is the super secret project from Marc Andreessen and friends. It’s called Ning. It’s a social app/mashup/remixing “playground.” Wish I had more time to grok, but Web 2 starts tomorrow….

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2 thoughts on “Ning Is Live

  1. Dean C. Rowan says:

    There’s something a little coy about all of this. So-called playgrounds don’t come with dozens of FAQs.

  2. I posted a follow-up to this post called “Grokking Ning”:

    Here’s an excerpt:

    If Ning is successful, it will end up being a hub for a huge collection of interesting (and not-so-interesting) social sites. The more people that create apps on Ning, the more apps there will be to clone. Successful Ning sites will foster imitation. Ning could very well end up being the “Hypercard of Social Sites