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By - September 20, 2005

B612D9F2-A6A7-11D9-A6Df-00000E2511C8The Financial Times was kind enough to excerpt The Search in its weekend edition – they gave it quite a bit of space. Then I found out about this honor. The FT has included The Search in its list of finalists for “Book of the Year,” along with The World Is Flat, Freakonomics, Disneywar, and several others. I’m flabbergasted.

Update: Apparently, you can vote for your favorite. Now, I’m not suggesting you vote for me, of course, but if you feel so inclined…

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5 thoughts on “FT Honor

  1. John:

    You shouldn’t be flabbergasted at all. The book is really great and I’m just glad that FT didn’t overlook it considering it came out later in the year. You’re in exactly the company you belong and I congratulate you on the accomplishment! Keep up the great work.

  2. Fred Swaab says:

    Enjoyed the Article and have ordered the Book. Also voted for you. I have been following the space for some time in my work with pureprofile. You may be interested in our latest thoughts at I would enjoy the feedback.

  3. John, The Search is actually winning with about 30% of the votes, with freakanomics a close second!

  4. Mb>Of course I’m gonna vote for your book! Although I’m still reading it, but I really learned alot from it … I hope you are considering to publish more books revolving around this important subject 🙂

    By the way, how can I get you to sign my book?

  5. I had pre-ordered the book for months and it has just arrived. I read the first chapter and by that point i usually know whether it will be interesting or not. I did vote for you.

    I started to get really interested when i read that only 5% of search is “done” [i am working on the other 95% ;)] and the AI section at the end – i just finished reading Emergence and so connect quite well with this kind of applied thinking.

    You said a book about Page and Brin would be “dreadful”. I actually quite enjoy reading these kind of things – especially having some knowledge of the role chance played in Google starting. Your right though – it is probbaly too early for many to appreciate.

    My only issue with FT is that if i can read a book in 3 days, then my “book of the year” could still be published on Dec. 28. 🙂