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Thanks Matt

By - August 04, 2005

Matt McCallister, who recently left IDG for Yahoo, wrote a very thoughtful post on why he couldn’t get The Standard, the company I founded and IDG still owns, relaunched while at IDG. Very true words, especially these:

I wish somebody would launch a media brand that covered the Internet business for people in the Internet business.  I’ve bet my career on this industry, and it would be really nice if there was a brand that stood independently in the middle of it, reported on it with intelligence and depth and integrity, and helped facilitate dialog amongst us all.

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One thought on “Thanks Matt

  1. Andy Nardone says:

    Aren’t blogs, collectively, doing just what Matt is looking for? It may take a bit more time and effort on the part of the reader, but once the feeds are aggregated you’ve got a pretty compelling product.

    Maybe he’s coming at it from the journalist’s perspective and wants a product/brand that could sustain paying jobs for the writers. That’s a more interesting thought. Have blogs effectively changed the supply/demand equation for journalism thereby altering the job market (especially for niche publications)? Do blogs do a better job covering specialized subjects than traditional media?

    It’s a dynamic time, disconcerting to some, but fundamental changes seem to be at hand.