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More State O The Blogosphere

By - August 01, 2005

From Dave at T’rati. Highlights:

* Technorati was tracking over 14.2 Million weblogs, and over 1.3 billion links in July 2005

* The blogosphere continues to double about every 5.5 months

* A new blog is created about every second, there are over 80,000 created daily

* About 55% of all blogs are active, and that has remained a consistent statistic for at least a year

* About 13% of all blogs are updated at least weekly

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One thought on “More State O The Blogosphere

  1. Summary Engines

    Gary Boone, Accenture Technology Labs, writes:
    “Search engines have been the killer app of the Web. What’s next? Beyond search engines are summary engines.

    Without search engines the Web would be far less diverse and far less useful. They make every online site and document as close as a few well-chosen keywords.

    Well, that’s the theory. In practice, the search engine paradigm is broken in a fundamental way. What do you do with the results of a search engine? You search them! Worse, you search them manually, tediously, with no help beyond the hope that they’re ranked in a useful order.”\technology\people\weblog\boone.xml