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Links for Today

By - August 31, 2005

Every so often there’s just too much stuff:

Searchfox, a personalized RSS reader, is going into private beta. You can ask for an account here.

Yahoo is improving its Mail search. Wonder why?

Doc on blog and RSS spam (which is search spam by another name…)

MSFT to launch Skype killer (via Slashdot). Is there any hope left for old line telcos?!

Reply gets funded. I like the idea of this service. Does it work for anyone?

French President Chirac says he’ll fund a European search engine to thwart Anglo Saxon cultural imperialism. Good Lord.

You want a good roundup of RSS search? SEW has it.

SEW also has good reporting on the ongoing Google Print saga.

Om says: Watch yer Google Wallet, it’s coming. eBay, ho!

Only 11% of blog readers use RSS (but more than half of Searchblog’s, I think).

New mobile search features from Google.

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4 thoughts on “Links for Today

  1. Greg Linden says:

    It will be interesting to see what SearchFox launches. They clearly see the information overload problem with current feed readers. From their About page:

    SearchFox uses machine learning technology to automatically rank and personalize incoming feeds to reflect each reader’s unique interests … Existing RSS readers only show information chronologically, which quickly leads to information overload.

    Current RSS readers merely reformat XML for display. That isn’t enough. They need to filter and prioritize. They need to show me what matters. They need to help me find what I need.

  2. Search, click, call, pay…Google Bank?

  3. FYI – I have your rss feed in three different readers. I think your 1/2 estimate is probably a bit off.

  4. IDentity says:

    The idea of Reply is very interesting when evaluated under the context of its relationship with current Search advertising models (e.g. connecting the advertiser to the consumer) In essense the ads you recieve in your search results, is your “reply” albiet just keyword targeted. Local search takes this once stage closer, wit hproximity of suppliers, recommendations etc.

    The real interesting point for me though is how new trends in search ads could evolve. For instance what if Google or Overture also delivered Ajax style functionality in the results, anabling you to detail your criteria further & further until you found the supplier you need ~ even to the price point.

    Actually I’ve also just realised something else as well, once your start going down a certain “obvious route”, why can’t the whole landscape of the search results pages completley change – a bit like YQ! on steroids.