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Web 2 Registration Live

By - June 20, 2005

Web205Logo-2Just a quick note: We’re doing the Web 2.0 conference by (loose) invitation, just as we did last year. We sent out a bunch of invites today, but as always, emails get lost, or they change from what we have on our list, or I missed folks I should have invited. If you’d like to come, please just head to the site and let us know. Say you came from Searchblog and I’ll make sure that an invitation gets sent your way. See you in SF!

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2 thoughts on “Web 2 Registration Live

  1. Julian Brown says:

    Thanks for the invite.

  2. I just requested an invite via the form, but to give some context why I would like to attend – my creation – Book Burro, the greasemonkey script that redefines book searching.

    I’d love to attend 🙂