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WHERE Conference Discount

By - May 11, 2005

WhereMy pals at O’Reilly, and Nat Torkington, the program chair, in particular, have made a 10% discount available to Searchblog readers who might be interested in attending the Where 2.0 Conference later this June in San Francisco. For the discount, hit this link, and use the “wherejbat5” code. I’ll be leading the panel discussion on – what else – local search.

From the conference site:

Where 2.0 covers the movement of mapping and location technology from the theoretical to the masses, illustrating the creativity that’s waiting to be unleashed as the tools and data become readily available. Sessions and panels will talk to real, deployed products (Google Maps, Yahoo!, MetaCarta, Microsoft) that combine a vision of the future with something to show right now.

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