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Forms and Feeds

By - May 31, 2005

Russell is playing with adding forms to his feeds, based on thoughts from Scot. I like this idea. I’ve often wondered when RSS will be hacked to the point it sort of mutates into another variant of the browser – when it does, then publishers might see it as just another window into their world, and stop worrying about RSS and learn to love it. Forms in feeds – ads in feeds – it’s just another way to get the conversation out there. Long term, the OS is the browser, may the best experience win.

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One thought on “Forms and Feeds

  1. nivi says:

    I don’t understand why more RSS readers don’t embed a web browser into the reader so you can read the article’s web page instead of the RSS version of the article.

    i.e. i go to the next article in a feed and it displays the web page instead of the rss article.

    Shrook on the mac does this. But I don’t recommend it as a reader.

    Why doesn’t NetNewsWire do this? It already has an embedded browser.

    This way you don’t need to implement forms in the RSS reader. Let the web page take care of that for you.