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Broadcast Flag Struck Down

By - May 06, 2005


Newsflash from Reuters:

A federal appeals court on Friday vacated a Federal Communications Commission a rule designed to limit people from sending copies of digital television programs over the Internet.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia said the FCC had “exceeded the scope of its delegated authority” with the 2003 rule.

The FCC has said copyright protections were needed to help speed the adoption of digital television, which offers higher quality signals.

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3 thoughts on “Broadcast Flag Struck Down

  1. Brian says:

    Isn’t this thing really easy to beat? It asks you to fill in a phrase that can easily be done by Google. For example, it asked me:

    The name of this blog is “John Battelle’s ________” (fill in the blank) :

    By searching Google for “John Battelle’s *” I get the answer straight away!

  2. Tom says:

    Your posting of this ruling to curtail the FCC’s breadth of control beat the Hollywood Reporter’s news flash by hours. The Searchblog is clearly on top of things and that kind of timeliness creates a significant value as there is a “time value” of information – as Matt Drudge knows so well.

  3. Tom is right. This is THE place for timely Web 2.0 (etc.) news.

    Back on topic, WOW! While I felt that we would see a ruling of some sort on this topic, I always thought that it would be after the deadline in June. I’m very excited to find that it has happened sooner. This is wonderful news for every resident of our country.