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Searchblog Experiments With Y!Q

By - April 04, 2005

Y!QsblogThanks to my uber geek buddy Scot at Birdhouse, Searchblog now supports Y!Q on permalink pages. Check it out here, for example. Please let me know if you like it, as I’ve said before, I really like the idea of testing out new stuff on this site. If readers like it I’ll put in on the home page. For more on the Y!Q Publisher program, head here. And thanks, Jeremy, for including me in the Yahoo test program.

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One thought on “Searchblog Experiments With Y!Q

  1. johnk says:

    I think Yahoo’s got a great idea here, but the current implementation of the term extraction is maddeningly odd. In other words, the words it uses to find the relevant results seem off to me. Hopefully they’ll improve that… They also just released an API of the term extraction part, so that will be fun to play with.

    More on some experiments with Y!Q here: