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By - April 28, 2005

Googlebot For RealI can’t help thinking this is not the best image in the world for Google. On the other hand, I really love the passion and, well, sense of wonder this guy shows in his Google Blog posting.

In essence, he came up with the idea of painting a mural of a massive robot connecting the globe through wires, inspired by Google data centers (the mural hangs in one).

Reminds me of the original, from Paul Ford’s classic Google Takes All essay:

Googlebot Earth-1

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4 thoughts on “GoogleBot

  1. Ivan Pope says:

    Not only is that a terrible picture, but the Google blog has to be the worst corporate blog ever – and possibly even the worst blog, period. I mean, not even that talking cow blog could really top this PR sanitised pile of hokum.

  2. I could not agree anymore with the above post, the blog link has been terminated now but has been on a regular basis being updated on the google website

  3. gilly says:

    I love the artwork and the image of the robot ruling the world. I worked in the gaming industry, and we felt that they were the moral police in not allowing gambling sites on adwords even in countries where online gambling was legal, but turning a blind eye to the porn industry. Google’s day will come.

  4. Dosti says:

    I agree with gilly. Google is thinking it is ruling the world, but it is doing it partially. It is time for Google to show uniformity in its dealings with various websites.