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Battelle the Grump

By - April 01, 2005

OK, some of you have given me shit for having no sense of humor regarding Google’s April’s Fool post. Sorry. It was funny, OK? FUNNY. But…well, I guess I’m overanalyzing. I’ll be on vacation week after next, and I promise, I’ll come back with my priorities straight.

Meantime, Yahoo’s Slacker spoof was also funny. I liked this line, clearly a dig at Google Print:

Well, scanners are cheap these days. Really cheap. When you combine a few $60 scanners with some willing Ph.D interns, we expect the entire book scanning project to take no more than 4 weeks and $6,000.

And yes, Ask’s was funny too!

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3 thoughts on “Battelle the Grump

  1. oooh, you missed MSN search’s April 1 joke — i actually think they nailed it. MSN search quietly launched:

    It generates a cusomtizeable search results page all about you — but in spoof form. It’s pretty funny and well executed. And plays upon everyone’s favorite activity: vanity searching.

    Here’s a link you’ll enjoy:

  2. "-" says:

    Yes. I was thinking to myself after reading about a thousand hundred April’s Fool jokes ont he Internet: What if somebody were to prey upon this simple little holiday?

    So here’s something that the entire Internet might want to consider – How do you make a King’s X on-line?


  3. Pupna says:

    Pupna is the search engine puppy that retrieves EXACTLY what you are searching for (and absolutely nothing else!)

    “A true breakthrough in Fetch Engine technology… Google and Yahoo have nothing even remotely comparable!” – Technology Review Magazine (April 1, 2005 print edition)