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Russell Riffs On Mobile Search

By - March 29, 2005

Fun stuff.

…Here let me be more concrete, if I’ve got a 1GB memory card in my mobile phone and most of that filled with messages and media, well there’s no reason why that stuff can’t be found by a web search, no? …

…Now I go to the Yahoo Search, and click on the “social” tab (it’d be right after the image search) and I’d type in something I’m looking for. Maybe it’d be tag names or maybe it’d be something more detailed. The search engine goes through its list of mobile items and presents the results. When the user clicks on a link he likes, well it’s not to get the item right away – it’s to request it. A message goes off to the mobile repository that says something like, “Hey, remember that item you said you had available? I’d like a copy of it. Now would be preferable, but if you want you can wait until the next time you have a chance. Thanks.”….

… It’s really about asking for anything and then getting it. To me search isn’t just about finding stuff that’s been indexed on the web, it’s the Quicksilver type interfaces as well: Ask and you shall receive. Now the rest of the problem is just figuring out 1) How to find the data (where ever it may live) and 2) How to get it back to the person who’s asking for it. With mobile phones, this means jumping through some hoops because of bandwidth and use cases, but it can be done, right?

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