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Google News And China: More Issues

By - November 29, 2004

greatwall-tmGoogle News in China has had a speckled past; recall that Google agreed back in the summertime to block sources from the index which the Chinese government had specified. I and many others had issues with this. Now comes word that Google’s English version of News is being blocked in China.

Shanghai. (Interfax-China) – The English version of Google’s news service has been inaccessible in China for more than a week. Zhang Junwei, a Google Media official stationed in Beijing, acknowledged that the company’s English News channel was inaccessible when contacted by Interfax, but could not provide further comment.

I’ve emailed Xiao for more info, if anyone can get to the bottom of this, it’ll be him.

Thanks, SEW.

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  • Chen Luyi

    I am a reader in Shanghai, China. US version of Google News is accessable here.

  • Ding Deng

    I’m in Hangzhou, and both Chinese and English version are accessible, at least at this time :)

  • Ding Deng

    I can’t reach it now.

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