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One Man Decides To Forego The Google Gauntlet

By - October 28, 2004

Google is famous for their hiring practices, it’s apparently not a picnic to get hired there, and they clearly are looking for very specific things. Russell Beattie, who is pretty well known for his chops in the mobile space, writes from the heart about his decision to bail on the whole Google hiring process. Interesting to see how Google is being viewed by those who might join it.

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2 thoughts on “One Man Decides To Forego The Google Gauntlet

  1. brian says:

    Good for him. Google’s arrogance is similar to how Microsoft was in 1990, but without the upside.

  2. Fred Bals says:

    Although custom has made either term acceptable, the more correct use is actually “gantlet”, as “gauntlet” is more associated with “glove.” You can Google it. :-)

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