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That Dang Macintosh

By - September 08, 2004

XIt’s hard to know, as a Mac user, what to think about the software world these days. Many innovations are, understandably, only built for Windows. But wasn’t the web supposed to change all that, make OSes secondary, less relevant? Problem is, if you have to download client software, folks don’t like writing for the Mac’s tiny installed base. But the folks who do use the Mac have always been early adopters and influencers, at least, that what Nat Torkington points out. I noticed in his post that I was the only person among a very long list of very smart geeks (caveat: I consider myself unqualified for those modifying adjectives, as well as the noun) who he reads who blogged either FareChase or Picasa. Why? Because all the others use Mac OSX, and can’t use those services. Interesting point. I blog those services because I sense my readers might be interested in them. But alpha geeks only blog that which they can touch.

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4 thoughts on “That Dang Macintosh

  1. Patrick May says:

    Re: blogging picasa

    Picasa is sweet. OS X users may not have noticed it, though, b/c iPhoto is also sweet.

  2. Alex Salkever says:

    Actually, you can use Picasa. It’s called iPhoto. Apple bought off some of their personnel and their tech (I think — not totally sure) to create iPhoto. Typical of Apple. Find cool software, buy it, and make it even better of at least more Mac friendly. That’s what was so interesting to me, too. Google is really moving into the desktop apps space in multiple directions and far more quickly than perhaps Microsoft and Apple realize.

  3. I’m positive that iPhoto and Picasa have nothing to do with each other. iPhoto was developed in house, while Picasa (formerly Lifescape) was an idealab company.

  4. Alicia Abarca says:

    I have used both iPhoto and Picasa, and I think Picasa is by far superior. It has great features and it’s easier to use, and easier to get creative with. I have Picasa on my PC at work, and I would like to download to my iBook.
    I was very disappointed with iPhoto and I say this after taking an iPhoto studio class with Apple. iPhoto could do a lot more things than it does and be more user friendly.