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Two Guys From Stanford

By - August 17, 2004

Heading down for the final book interviews today with two guys from Stanford who started a multi-billion dollar search-driven company that’s now public. Nope, not them. These guys. Any questions you’d like to hear answered?

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7 thoughts on “Two Guys From Stanford

  1. quanta says:

    Amusingly, when you said “Stanford”, I immediately thought of the big Y, not the big G. I must be getting old.

  2. ID:entity says:

    Here ya go…..

    1. You have a successful strategy of partnerships with network/access providers in the US & Europe, will this first mover advantage be key in your worldwide strategy moving forward?

    2. Now your R&D labs have managed the transition from Google, how long before Gary Flake & co will start to set new standards in web search?

    3. Your actually a platform not a portal arn’t you?

    4. You have a number of search brands under your hat – any plans?

    5. What are you going to spend the Google IP licence money on?

    6. Do you still use the Yahoo! directory? and even if you didn’t would you actually admit it?

    7. Do you read Battellemedia?

    8. Does the comnination of RSS & readers etc actually signify deportalisation on a global basis?

    8. What was the last thing you did on the web which made you think “I’d wish I’d thought of that”?

    9. Who is going to win the race to the semantic platform?

  3. Max Mixagazy says:

    Explain in two sentences what Don’t Be Evil means.

  4. pb says:

    More Stanford guys creating multi-billion dollar companies.

  5. Ed says:

    If Google is going after MSFT’s throat by attempting to own the desktop, how will YHOO respond?

  6. Five years from now, what will bring in more revenues, B2C or B2B paid search?

  7. justin says:

    1.where do they see the “internet” in general in ten years time?

    2.What tech do they envisage might someday replace web pages?

    3. Are we living in a simulation? 🙂