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A Plea As I Rebuild…

By - June 29, 2004

Hello readers –

I’ll break my silence to ask those of you I work or play with, or who have contacted me in the past – please send me an email. When my G4 died last week, so did my email and address book, and while I do have backups, they are not easily reconstructed. So if we’ve corresponded in the past, please shoot me an email at jbat at battellemedia dot com, so we can once again correspond. It might be weeks before I have this thing rebuilt.

Public memo to self: Run mirrored drives from now on.

And memo to loyal Searchblog readers: Thanks for the notes. I will be back. In fact, there will be interesting news soon on Yahoo’s new search interface, and on Microsoft’s new approach to paid search. I promise.

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5 thoughts on “A Plea As I Rebuild…

  1. Craig says:

    One of the beauties of gmail. My machine crashes, yet my email remains safe and sound on one of the largest distributed computing arrays the world has ever seen, with admins far more watchful and competent than myself.

  2. Kevin Fox says:

    Hi John, I’m sorry for your loss. I say this in the most supportive way but yeah, ironic that you cover Google so much, and Gmail would’ve been a lifesaver.

    (This coming from someone who used to work at Dantz Development (backup software company) where one person a day would call tech usupport and say “My hard drive just crashed and I found my copy of Retrospect in the closet. Now how do I use it?”)

    Best of luck with your reconstruction.

  3. Social Networks (Orkut, Tribe, Myspace) +Gmail+Blog+IM= My Digital Memory

    Lifetime Digital Memory

  4. Michael says:

    Gmail, she-mail… The real life-saver in events like this is Yahoo Address Book! I’ve been syncing my Outlook and Palm dbs with Yahoo for years. Your entire address book can be at your finger tips from anywhere and can be synced/loaded in minutes

  5. I always have some sort of backup plan made up if things go wrong, i download so much stuff at home that it would just b insane of me not to! I know how bad a crash can be so you have my sympathies! Hope you can get your stuff back!

    ITIL Consultant