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By - May 04, 2004

The ideas herein complement some of those which I’m pondering in my “From the Ephemeral to the Eternal” riff, which I might post here soon, if I can stop getting distracted by reading stuff like this. The whole privacy debate is a miasma, and I’m struggling with having something new to say without having to go back and spend 5000 words on history and context. On that note, there’s this new book in the mix to boot.

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One thought on “"SuperGoogle"

  1. Steve Nelson says:

    So SuperGoogle doesn’t exist (yet), but the platonic SuperGoogle can be used to consider algorithms that would work with its APIs, and software can be written today against simulations of SuperGoogle. Just as algorithms and software are developed assuming the steady advance of Moore’s law–impracticable when they are written but ready to be taken off the shelf when circuits and cycles catch up.

    So project some SuperGoogle applications and their interfaces, and work backward a bit a a time with them, until they run with today’s Google. Then start working forward again.