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Jeremy on LinkSpam

By - May 13, 2004

Jeremy has an idea for Scott and Dave….I agree with the implied business context – that there is a business to be made in providing services like link spam blocking to serious bloggers. I’d pay a monthly fee for such a service.

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5 thoughts on “Jeremy on LinkSpam

  1. Ian Kennedy says:

    Have you seen Six Apart’s Typekey service?

  2. Yup. Will be live in V. 3.0 of MT. Registration is OK, but…I’m not sure I like that approach. I like the open nature of posting comments, and if there were a way to ID and defang spammers on the fly, that’d be great.

  3. There is nothing like having one spammer slip through a hole of MTBlacklist and find yourself with dozens of spam to delete from your blog.

    I agree with this concept as well and I am sure major strides will be made shortly.

    John, great blog btw.

  4. I trade blocklists with other bloggers and asked Six Apart to make it easier to trade that info directly across their servers. So if I have a Typepad site and want to block the IPs nominated by another Typepad user, I would like to see that as a central option at the web control panel. I’m blocking a minimum of three leeches a day currently and had 297 IPs blocked last month. My current headaches originate at dial-in nodes on Deutsche Telekom. Where do they get the time to spam comments?

  5. Dodger says:

    A central area to hold a blacklist might be nice, unless of course someone put your name on it, eh?

    In the case of dial-up IP addresses being a hassle to keep up with … perhaps a conditional review and approval of comments (rather than immediate posting) of an entire Class III IP block might do the trick. The chances of a legit comment from someone on the same Class III may be slim, but if there were it is easy enough to validate and approve that one comment.

    I would rather have all the spam coming from an identified Class III block accumulate in a holding bin first — and you will have logs to go with it and report it to the ISP’s abuse administration.