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5 thoughts on “Google Sued in France: Trademarks

  1. Why does the insurance company being French make a difference in this matter at all? Are you anti-French? Or are you just surpised that it is a foreign company suing Google?

  2. The French courts have dinged search engine companies in the past (Yahoo, specifically) and in general the vibe is that French law tends to favor, not surprisingly, French and European interests. As well, it’s a bigger pain to deal with an international suite like this, on the supposed eve of the IPO filings. No French insults intended. I think France is swell.

  3. Otis says:

    What is a French company doing suing Google anyway? Shouldn’t they be on strike?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Otis, read this month’s Economist : you’ll learn your first thought about strikes in France are just a way to show you don’t read newspapers and forgot to get some information before posting.

    I am French and I just love American eco/financial press. It is such a good way to make the difference between Americans who read

  5. Courtney Gidts says:

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